Apple and Business Mobiles

Apple is a well-known business mobile devices company, which offers apple financing but the company is notoriously secretive about its history, the design team and its work ethic. In fact, the company jealously guards almost every little thing about itself and very little is known about how the company actually works. Of course, Apple fans swear by Apple products like the popular iPhone, iPod and the iPad but you will be surprised to know that these products also have their secrets. If you are an Apple Fan and a faithful patron of their products, you might be thinking that nothing could surprise you about Apple and its products. Well, be prepared to be surprised about your favourite company and its lovely products.

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Fake projects -- Apple is super-secretive about its ideas and projects and apparently, it does not trust new employees very quickly. New employees are made to work on fake projects until they earn trust. If the project leaks, they know who leaked and these employees are fired immediately.

Packaging obsession -- The Company is obsessed about product packaging and they apparently have a dedicated division to create unique packaging for its products.

Unlocking the iPhone -- The Company has nothing to do with locking the phone. Carrier companies lock the phone or connect them to the carrier to ensure that the customer remains loyal. For the first few years, iPhones could not be unlocked or 'shifted' or 'jailbroken' to another carrier. However, this did not deter hackers and very soon, they managed to unlock iPhones illegally. Now, there are numerous articles on how to unlock your iphone online and it is possible to do this legally as well.

Slide to unlock process -- Almost every smartphone, tablet and even laptop now has slide-to-unlock process. However, this is considered proprietary Apple technology and Apple sued Samsung and Motorola for using this swipe-and-wipe process.

No Direct Off switch -- Founder Steve Jobs was so afraid of death that he did not want his company devices to have a direct off switch.

Super profitable -- Apple made 75.18 billion in 2010 and considering the cash amount, the company can easily afford to buy every American citizen a 160GB iPod classic. Considering how the company has blossomed in 2012 to 2014, the company can easily buy every citizen five iPods with its profits and still have money left over. Apple currently is even richer than the US Government. Higher echelon Apple executives now make more than all its 100,000 employees in Chinese Apple manufacturing units.

Apple does not like smokers -- Smoking near any Apple device can void its warranty. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, secondhand smoke is hazardous and Apple employees are not obligated to repair anything that could be hazardous to their health.

Air shipping -- Apple does not ship by sea to prevent sinking and hijacking. Almost all of its products move by air and this ensures that stores are stocked immediately for release dates.

With just a little research, we were able to come up with these interesting facts about Apple and its products. The company started in a humble garage in suburban Los Altos in California but has evolved in to a corporate juggernaut with an international foothold and several billion worldwide fans. Along the way, they've managed to do several interesting, silly and weird things. We've found a few but we wonder how many more Apple has managed to hide away to prevent ridicule. Frankly, as long as the company comes up with several more innovative and useful products no one's really going to care about these silly facts.